Easy to use add-on for PHPP

Users of the PHPP energy software will know it is a leader in accurate calculations for Passivhauses and low energy buildings including retrofits. AECB PHribbon makes using PHPP quicker, easier and it uses the existing information beyond just energy. It’s written by Tim Martel, a Certified Passivhaus Designer, Chartered Architectural Technologist and AECB expert who is also a course tutor for the Carbonlite Retrofit course.

Microsoft have built in the ability to have a custom toolbar (ribbon) in Excel for some time, this is one specifically written for PHPP.  AECB PHribbon makes the same changes to your PHPP that you could have made by hand, and it uses Visual Basic (already part of Variant PHPP v9 products). It includes a manual, support and training through videos.

Recent Events involving PHribbon
28th April 2020 – Passivhaus Trust MASTERCLASS: Getting to Net Zero , Embodied CO2 demonstration
29th April 2020 – Assn of Sustainable Building Products, ASBP Embodied Carbon webinar, Embodied CO2 demonstration
6th May 2020 –  RIBA North East Sustainable Futures Forum inaugural event including Embodied CO2 discussion
26th May 2020 – AECB webinar on PHribbon with real life examples, will cover all modules
16th June 2020 – AECB Stock Model Stock Model Seminar , Embodied CO2 part of the Stock Model used PHribbon
17th June 2020 – Passivhaus Trust Net Carbon Zero tutorial, Embodied CO2 demonstration
8th July 2020 – North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) online conference 2020, PHribbon demo 7-8pm UK time
20th Oct 2020 – Getting to Net Zero, PHribbon will be one of several seminars in a series (starting 2nd Sept) by the Passivhaus Trust
21st-29th Oct 2020 – Spanish Passivhaus Conference PEP
3rd Nov 2020 – AECB Webinar on PHribbon PAS2035, Operational CO2 and RIBA
25th Nov 2020 – UK Passivhaus Conference, UK futures, joint presentation with James Turner on Stirling Prize winner Goldsmith Street
4th Feb 2021 – Riverside Sunderland: University Design Challenge, Youtube

Upcoming Events 

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I wanted to write and say thank you for devising PHribbon and in particular the windows tool, it is amazing!


It was excellent training – thank you and well done with the software – it’s great – I’ve been a consultant since 2005 starting off with SAP and this is the missing link there has always been……but at last it is no longer missing.[ …referring to REALcosting, an earlier version of the software now the retrofit costing module]