Help Manual
There is a help manual/ user guide built in as button to the right of PHribbon

Training Videos
Simple tools: click an icon below.

Advanced window option “N windows”

Daylight Factor
1. The export process from PHribbon
2. Mark Siddall’s training on his Daylight Factor spreadsheet
3. AECB Daylight Standard

Embodied CO2
Introduction: Boundaries of the calculation, recent changes (updated for ver 4.11 21/8/21)
– this also shows the LETI graphic and detailed LETI and RIBA results

Step 1: Using the PHribbon Embod button (updated for ver 4.11 21/8/21)
– RIBA results are now on the Embod tab
– the calculation will update as soon as you enter data. Therefore there is no need for a “Summarise” button but there is a “Graph” button.
– PV has now been moved to the Misc section.
– Buttons 1 and 3 show a diagram to help you enter battens, I-beams or Easi-Joists.
– Button 4 has a section for the refrigerant gases.

Step 2: Checking yellow cells (updated for ver 4.11 22/8/21)
– the layout has been simplified so that only essential information is within the data entry section.
– “Category” is now essential, since RIBA and LETI targets need specific parts and exclude others.
– Module D “Re-Use” can be entered as a credit.

Step 3. Checking Total CO2 tab and looking at the results (updated for ver 4.11 22/8/21)
– how to change the Operational CO2 figures if your PHPP results differ for each option (Embodied figures could also be different).
– select Domestic, Offices, Schools or Retail in the AECB certificate area
– LETI graphic and LETI/RIBA results tables

Entering a typical EPD, plasterboard (updated for ver 4.11 22/8/21)
– MND tick boxes no longer used
– End of Life entries, modules C and D  have changed from previous versions
– Some extra tick boxes at the end for menus

Retrofit Coordinator Improvement Option Evaluation button for PAS 2035 

Upgrading from a previous version
Rename the your current PHribbon file to PHribbon-old, or something like that.
Then go to the dropbox, copy the contents to your PHribbon folder on your computer and put in the same folder as you used before.


Separate AECB Embodied CO2 calculator
This Embodied CO2 calculator is the same as the PHribbon version except it doesn’t use PHPP.  It will very soon be available through the AECB shop. If you want to Enter your own EPD’s, you can use the same video as PHribbon except it starts with a button at the top of the Materials tab.
Training 1
Training 2

PHribbon has a very thorough process of testing and checking, however not every situation can be foreseen. If you get any error messages or errors please report them to Tim Martel, feedback is welcomed.  Updates in every version are listed just after the contents in the user guide, this will make it clear what has changed in that version.