There are 3 parts to the training: training videos, question and answer seminars and a user guide.
Feedback is very welcome, we are continually striving to improve our user experience. Occasional improvements may be necessary from time to time.

1. Training Videos
Click an icon or link below. Many are new from 2nd-10th Sept 2020:

Windows part2: Entering more complex windows
Windows part3: D reveal calculator

Mark Siddall’s training on his Daylight Factor spreadsheet
NEW Upgrade routine to transfer your existing data into the latest version

Embodied CO2
1. Introduction: Boundaries of the calculation, typical results, new layout of results, Total CO2 tab, RIBA tab
2. Entering data
3. Battens, stud walls, roof finishes and updating the calculation
4. Checking the calculation and explanation of formulas
5. Data entry form – part 1: a typical EPD, plasterboard
6. Data entry form – part 2: an EPD with timber storage, wood fibre

Videos Available Soon:
Total CO2 sheet introduced in (1), with >60yr button and
New Improvement Option Evaluation button for PAS 2035

2. PHribbon Seminars
We are now having question and answer seminars for PHribbon once a month, last Friday of the month at 2pm.
Please contact Tim Martel if you’d like to join that so he can send you a link.

3. User Manual
A user manual is provided with the software and can be accessed through the menu. Another copy is here PHribbon User Guide

4. Checking Service
If you would like us to check your calculation, we offer to check for gross errors for a fee depending on the complexity. However, please be aware that even with the check this would not be an official RICS calculation as only RICS members can offer that.