Training Videos
Click an icon or link below. You may have to select HD quality on your computer to show them clearly. The user guide provides more detail for some topics and is provided with the software on the right of the PHribbon ribbon. This opens a pdf where you can jump to the feature you are using.

Daylight Factor
1. The export process from PHribbon
2. Mark Siddall’s training on his Daylight Factor spreadsheet
3. AECB Daylight Standard

Embodied CO2
What’s new in version 4.00 
1. Introduction: Boundaries of the calculation, layout of result (Updated 7/5/21)

2. Using the PHribbon Embod button
3. Entering yellow cells, checks and adding a comparison
4. Entering a typical EPD, plasterboard
5. Entering an EPD with timber storage, wood fibre
6. Total CO2 tab

Retrofit Coordinator
Improvement Option Evaluation button for PAS 2035 


Upgrading from a previous version
1. Rename the your current PHribbon file to PHribbon-old, or something like that.
Then go to the dropbox, copy the contents to your PHribbon folder on your computer and put in the same folder as you used before.

2. You can then open up your new PHribbon file and use the update button to transfer the licence key and any other info you have put in,
Video: Upgrade routine to transfer your existing data into the latest version

3. There have been no recent changes to the actual Ribbon buttons in the last 6 months, however if you have an older version than that you will need to press the Write custom ribbon button and follow the procedure on the install tab as you originally did when you first set up PHribbon.


PHribbon has a very thorough process of testing and checking, however not every situation can be foreseen. If you get any error messages or errors please report them to Tim Martel, feedback is welcomed.  Updates in every version are listed just after the contents in the user guide, this will make it clear what has changed in that version.