The NAPHN version of PHribbon is for the USA and using the US Customary units version of PHPP. The key feature is the Embodied CO2 module which brings into PHPP entries from the Building Transparency EC3 database, and EPA CO2 figures for electricity, the end of life of materials and the end of life pathway.

  • EC3’s API used to retrieve the data, this will be updated once a year
  • 44,000 records from the EC3 database stored in PHribbon and transferred to your PHPP as individual entries as needed
  • metric data converted to e.g. CO2 per cubic foot for concrete, per square foot for glass, per ft for  I-joists

The US version also has the other tools that help you build your PHPP: the window and D-reveal tools, check tool and R value libraries. In the “Windows” tool instead of entering figures in mm or meters you can enter any of these formats:
5′     5’4″   5’4    64″    64.75″
5’4 3/4″

Shown  on the right are the Embodied CO2 button, main Embodied CO2 menu and (below) an example dialogue entry form.

You select materials from your R-value calculation, PHribbon matches those up with entries from it’s library for you to choose from.

Minimum Requirements

  • PC only or Macs running PC emulator software such as parallels or VMware. If you are running it on a mac then you will need to install Excel on the PC side of the computer and use that.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later (not the online version)
  • You must also have the US PHPP version 9.7 IP (Imperial)

The Beta version is ready and NAPHN has identified the people to use it in return for feedback.  Those users will also get the final version at a reduced price. The Final version will be available from July-Aug from

Training Videos
Training videos for the US version are given below, click an icon or text below to see the video for it. You may have to select HD quality on the video to show them clearly.

A good one to start with is Windows as it has a general introduction, then Climate, R-values and D-reveal. The other buttons work in the same way for all versions of PHribbon (so videos are not specific to the US).


Embodied CO2 part 1: starting the calculation
Button 1: Materials from the R-value tab
Button 2: Windows and PV
Button 3: Internal walls, intermediate floors, extra foundations, finishes

Embodied CO2 part 2
Button 4: Services and Misc
Entering remaining yellow cells: FSC/PEFC, Option ticks, Project Value, GIA
Button 5: Comparisons
Calculation Scope Summary
Total CO2 tab

Issues Resolved:
1) Some items in the EC3 database by ft2 would be easier in the calculation if they were in ft3. They have now been converted where information is provided.
2) Location info is used to work out the travel distance.
3) The Help Manual has been rewritten for this NAPHN version
4) Frame material has been added to Embod button 2 Window dialogue