• Build PHPP module


    Includes Climate, U-values, Windows, D reveal and Check PHPP.

  • Costing module


    PAS2035 Improvement Option Evaluation using your PHPP. Indicative costs for retrofits: Simple, Variants and Step by Step giving Net Present Value (NPV).

  • Daylight Factor module


    Daylight Factor spreadsheet provided by Mark Siddall. This option also automatically transfers window data into that sheet.

  • Embodied CO2 module


    Calculates retrofit or construction CO2 using data from your PHPP combined with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) where available.

  • International Version


    Supplement for BuildPHPP module that excludes the Climate tool which is only set up for the UK.  International users can also use the Embodied CO2 and the costing module if they replace the costs given with those in their own currency. The extra cost is also an allowance for the typically higher Paypal fees for converting from a foreign currency.

  • One hour workshop


    A one hour one-to-one workshop for your project to look through how calculations could be tackled or review what has been done. Generally by Skype, Zoom or Teams, or it can include checking outside the live session as well.